We work to support and enhance the capabilities of Dorset Police to keep communities safe by working with partners to prevent crime and empower individuals and groups to take positive action.

The Safer Dorset Foundation is an independent charity working across Dorset that aims to support individuals, organisations and communities affected by crime and the impact of crime.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset and Dorset Police are official partners of our charity.

To find out more about Safer Dorset Foundation's trustees and patron, visit the Charity Commission website.

Our aim is to build a diverse skilled trustee board with individuals living or working in Dorset from public, voluntary, academic and private sectors. This could include individuals with qualifications or knowledge in creative media, charity law, and accounting. We are also interested in involving philanthropic individuals who have some time and want to help create a safer Dorset.

If you are interested you can contact us by emailing Please note this does not guarantee a position on the board.

Our Values


We will engage meaningfully with people from a diverse range of backgrounds, skills, abilities and experiences.


We will strive to work with other partners to avoid duplication and deliver meaningful work.


We will be transparent about our fundraising activities and will risk assess opportunities and partnerships to ensure we effectively manage potential conflicts of interest, and deliver ethical and complementary services.


We will deliver what we promise, publish annual impact reports and contribute to the national evidence-base about what works to protect people and reduce crime.


We will act impartially and ensure potential conflicts of interest are identified and addressed.

Our Work

We will work with partners to deliver services that protect victims, witnesses and others affected by or involved in crime.

We will assist public, private and voluntary sector organisations to access crime prevention support.

We will fundraise and work with other funders to increase investment in local community safety services to help create a safer Dorset.

We work with academic partners to build the skills and capacity of Dorset Police and partners in evidence-based practice in policing.

Martin underhill talks to the public at the Wheels Festival

“Creating the Safer Dorset Foundation was one of my manifesto pledges. This charity is a partnership aimed at improving and expanding safer communities across our beautiful county.

I am grateful to those who volunteer their time or fundraise for specific community projects across Dorset. It is my privilege to be a Patron of the Safer Dorset Foundation, which I believe will greatly benefit the people of Dorset.”

Martyn Underhill Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, and patron of the Safer Dorset Foundation


The trustees are dedicated to monitoring and demonstrating the impact we deliver to help keep Dorset safe. We will work with independent partners to help analyse the impact we make.

We are open to learning and developing how we do things and how we work with partners and we will continuously consider feedback on this.

The trustees also appreciate the value of knowledge exchange and we aim to contribute to building knowledge and evidence-based practice in policing.

Supporting you

Safer Dorset are keen to support other voluntary sector organisations that deliver services in Dorset that help keep people safe and feel safe. If you represent an organisation that you believe is contributing to one or more of the Police and Crime Plan priorities get in touch to find out how we can work together